An Alternate History

What if Tanis, Raistlin, Caramon, Goldmoon, Flint, Tasslehoff and the others never joined forces or they were killed within the depths of an evil Lich’s lair? Maybe they were slain in an epic battle against the Dark Knights of Takhisis or hunted down by minotaur bounty hunters? Who would be chosen as heroes to confront the Dark Queen? Could they defeat Takhisis?

We will answer this question. We have completed the “Dragons of Autumn” adventure. Not all that set out on this journey remain, some having been drawn away for their own adventures (in other words the players moved), while other heroes have joined forces with the party (new members to our group). The heroes currently find themselves on the way to Tarsis the beautiful.

Heroes of the Lance

Gregar Stonecutter: A burly, taciturn dwarven priest of Reorx. He uses his hammer and axe to seperate the righteous from the wicked.
Old Iron Bones: Don’t have a “knock” spell? No worries, this old, crazed dwarven monk will bash the door open with his head and self proclaimed “bones of iron”!
Zoi: A wily, graceful rogue of uncertain race (possibly half-elf?). She uses her guile in combat nearly as skillfully as she does in the social arena (Except when she calls a dragon by the name of the person she is imitating).
Samjaya Raramuri: A very-very perceptive half-elf that cannot catch a break. Trying to gain the acceptance of his elven family (which will probably never happen), he is thrust into this band of adventurers to lead them to Pax Tharkas only to immediately lose his dominate hand. Thank Reorx, he got it back.
Eric Son of Blackstone: A human figher, born and raised in Solamnia under the tutulage of his father as a blacksmith and weapons-smith and having the upmost respect for the Solamnic Knights, having not the birthright or disposition to actually become one. Still possibilities abound…
Malum Vox: Everyone’s favorite warlock?
Malawain “Mal” Talespinner: A kender bard…what else needs to be said?
Temudgin: A young man who wears the robes of Lunitari

What Has Gone Before…

So, I’ll need everyone’s help in recreating what has happened so far. I don’t want to make a novel out of it but would like to write enough to give some background.

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Dragonlance, the New Heroes of the Lance

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