• Gregar Stonecutter

    Gregar Stonecutter

    The ruddy scar that traces his jawline; the fierce glare of his jade green eyes; the polished but battle-scarred armor and the chipped battleaxe; these speak more to Gregar's nature than anyone's description could.
  • Malawain "Mal" Talespinner

    Malawain "Mal" Talespinner

    a Kender Bard. really, what else needs to be said.......
  • Malum Vox

    Malum Vox

    Everyone's favorite Warlock
  • Old Ironbones

    Old Ironbones

    Don't have a "knock" spell? No worries, this old, crazed dwarven monk will bash the door open with his head and self proclaimed "bones of iron"!
  • Quenthalos


    Red robed wizard of Lunitari
  • Samjaya Raramuri

    Samjaya Raramuri

    A half-elf of the Qualinesti elves a distant and shunned relation to Solostaran Kanan, The Speaker of the Suns. His desire for acceptance has forced him to help this team.
  • Temudgin


    A young man who wears the robes of Lunitari
  • Zoi