Dragonlance, the New Heroes of the Lance

Dragons of Winter Night

The adventure continues

Autumn Dark 3rd

Eric, Iron Bones, Cynara, Samjaya, Gregar and Zoi leave the refugees from Pax Tharkas secure in the dwarven kingdom of Thorbardin. The party travels to the port city of Tarsis in search of an overseas passage that might provide a way out for the refugees. There, they also hope to learn more of the Dragon Orbs. When they arrive, they learn that the cataclysm has left Tarsis landlocked, miles away from the sea. Now their only hope is to discover more of these dragon orbs, how they work and where they can be found and use that knowledge to achieve the downfall of the Dragon Highlords.

In the first week the party eventually gains audience with the City Governor only to find that at his side, as trusted advisor, sits a DRACONIAN! The party also meets Alhana Starbreeze, a princess of the Silvanesti elven kingdom. She also is seeking a means to defeat the Dragon Highlords and protect her people. The party finds others of similar purpose: Quenthalis, a wizards donning the red robes of Lunitari; Malum Vox, a warlock that has avoided any entanglements with the Towers of High Sorcery; Temudgin, another wizard of Lunitari and Mal Talespinner, a friendly, if irritating, kender bard.



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