Dragonlance, the New Heroes of the Lance

Fleeing Tarsis

Journey to Icereach

Players present were Trevino, Tim, Nate and James. Their characters are Samjaya, Quenthalos, Malum and Eric respectively.

The blue dragon army has invaded Tarsis and the party has fled their enemy’s new stronghold. Some (Gregar, Zoi, Ironbones, Cynara, Samjaya) left on the backs of Griffons accompanied by the Silvanesti princess Alhana Starbreeze. Others (Quenthalos, Malum, Eric, Temudgin and Mal) left on foot and horseback. This second group encountered an elderly couple under attack by a group of thugs seeking to escape with the couple’s wagon and goods. The heroes prevented this and the couple safely escaped the city of Tarsis.

On their travels eastward they encounter the old man and woman. The elderly couple has a warm fire and stew enough for all and invite the party to join them. During this time Samjaya and Ironbones arrive on the back of Griffons, having changed their minds. Samjaya engages the couple in conversation and eventually has his fortune told by the elderly woman Maricel. As she reads the tea leaves she tells him that he is headed for the ice glacier and tells him to look for the white bear for those who help others shall be helped in return.

During the days travel a blue Dragon with a dragon highlord approaches but never approaches close enough for the party to even feel the touch of dragon fear. The party continues to Bazin where they learn that Warlord Karakis rules the city with an iron fist and squeezes money from all who would enter the city gates. Eric gives of his steel to the destitute who have not enough money to enter the city and Quenthalos pays to guard to allow all access to the city. (He would be dismayed to know the day the party left Bazin was the day the guard pocketed the steel and refused to allow any others entrance). Warnings to the leaders including Karakis are ignored and Karakis refuses to believe the Blue Dragon Army is headed his way.

The band of heroes continues and near nightfall find the crypt of an ancient plainsman leader. The interesting thing about this crypt is that the stone is warm. Snow falling from the sky melts as it hits the surface and the stone seems to stay warm to the touch. A secret passage is discovered that leads underneath to the burial room of the king and other warriors or leaders buried within as well. Their coffins hold items of magic held by them in life and the party attempts, and eventually is successful in opening all of the tombs but in the process an avatar of an ancient god of portals and the gatekeeper to the afterlife is summoned. What the party thinks will be a quick battle, confident in their abilities to handle any threat that comes their way, turns into a long, brutal fight that nearly claims the life of their knight, Eric, who stands toe-to-toe with the awakened stone statue. Eric also finds a greatsword of inestimable power once wielded by the plainsmen king.

The party makes the journey to Zeriack where they meet the town mayer, a human female named Galeswept. She helps them to find a guide that will take them to the camp of the Icefolk who may then help them find the Icewall Castle where Faal Thas resides, as well as the resting location of the Dragon Orb. The party learns that Galeswept had made a deal with the White Dragon Army to keep them from attacking Zeriack, much to the displeasure of the Ice Folk once they learn of it. The morning the party is about to leave they learn that the White Dragon Army has not kept its end of the bargain as they attack with draconians and dragons while a Dragonrider and observes from the air on the back of a large white dragon.

Again the party flees, seeking not escape danger so much as to complete their task and acquire the Dragon Orb. Their guide leads them to the glacier and then directs them towards the camp of the Ice Folk.

As the heroes seek for a place to make camp on the frigid glacier they hear growling, laughing, yelling in some unknown language as well as cheering. The discover a band of minotaurs holding ropes to control a polar bear while one of their number jabs at it with a spear. Remembering the reading of the tea leaves for Samjaya they fight to free the white bear. The bear hesitant at first but more accepting after realizing the party intend him no harm seems to form some kind of bond with Samjaya.



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